The Pet Tag Store


All of our pet tags are engraved by the latest state-of-the-art high-powered ytterbium doped Q-Switched fibre lasers (wavelength = 1060nm). The laser beams are guided by high speed galvanometers and controlled by a dedicated imaging computer.

Before engraving takes place, the prepared text is projected onto the tag with a low-power HeNe laser to allow operators to perform Quality Assurance Checks on the engraving. Then the high-power laser vaporises the outline of the text into the metal surface to a depth of 200 microns.

The vaporisation leaves a black residue over the text. The residue usually rubs away but the text remains highly visible.

The engraving can be positioned with an accuracy of 0.002mm. Our tests show that manual positioning produces more aesthetic results, so all our text sizing and positioning is performed manually.

The dog tags are slightly bigger than a €2 coin and are the same thickness. There is space for four lines of text.

The front of our tags are custom designed for The Pet Tag Store. The unique pictures and embedded text are bordered by metal, with a durable imprint in up to four different colours.

The tags are delivered with a strong sprung metal securing ring and care/cleaning instructions.



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